Hamsa, founded by Sharifa AlGhanim, is a Kuwaiti fashion brand that represents the modern Arab woman. The pieces that represent Hamsa are inspired by the varying cultures in the region. Being an antique collector herself, Sharifa adopted a diverse sense of style, in which she was eager to incorporate in her day to day wear. Thus, Hamsa was born.

     Opening her first shop in one of Kuwait’s most renowned landmarks, Souq Al- Mubarikia, many locals began to notice Sharifa’s brand, as well as acknowledged her adoration for fashion. As seen through her line of work, Sharifa focuses on producing uniquely modern pieces with intricate handwork. She prides herself in reviving this traditional approach to modern clothing, which makes her collections truly authentic. Consequently, Hamsa’s mission is to showcase the traditions that stem from the Arabian culture, and to ultimately strengthen them.